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Trigeo helps clients with marketing, media, content, videos, podcast and other formats that drive online success

TriGeo provides aerial imaging for wildfire management, environmental assessments, agriculture, etc.

TriGeo Corp provides masters level training, custom courses, executive education and keynote speeches.

Firefighter Augmented Reality TriGeo provides live thermal video streamed from aircraft directly to firefighters. FirstNet and Microwave mesh networks to connect remote locations supporting fire management activities.

TriGeo Aerial Wildfire Division - Technical Videos and Articles:

- Apple Fire Mapping (LinkedIn)

- LinkedIn Vlog posts: It's a war, Live Intel Team Swap, NIROPS Mapping

- Thermal Thresholds: Live viewing of wildfire infrared on firefighters mobile phones (YouTube)

- Oklahoma fires video (YouTube) posted to Facebook received a record number of views

- Flew Manned-UAV to map Santa Rosa fire and transmit live video to IC team (YouTube)

- Soberanes fire tornado over a mile long (YouTube)

- Happy Camp fire movie (YouTube)

- Cockpit Fire Map movie about Air Attack IR+GIS for Tactical Fire Remote Sensing Advisory Committee