TriGeo provides services to companies and organisations focused in three geographies: Europe, North America and Asia


    • Consulting and Mentorship

    • Training and Education

    • Marketing and Social Media Management

    • Technology development

    • Product Launches & tradeshows

    • Whitepapers, data sheets, articles, training video

    • Thermal and visible mapping for Disaster Response

    • FirstNet Cellular network connectivity for Public Safety

    • Microwave Mesh Networks for unreachable locations

    • Aircraft and aviation management

What Makes Us Different

TriGeo focuses on a sustainable approach to value-add. TriGeo brings aggressive results with a friendly approach to every project. Always creative (technically, people wise, and creatively), TriGeo is resourceful in focusing on the customer's needs. Whether exciting a large crowd through presentations or working closely with individuals around the globe, delivery is focused on making a measurable impact.