About TriGeo

TriGeo provides technology consulting to government agencies, universities and hi-tech companies, and aviation businesses (manned and unmanned).

Deliverables and Services include product development from concept through delivery to users, program management, technical videos, and whitepapers.

2007-2011 Developed Wildfire Augmented Realityas an Air Attack Pilot . Infrared with 3D moving maps allowed fire pilots to work in conditions not previously possible.

2011 - 2015 Sky Imaging Mapping and Data (SkyIMD). Chief Operating Officer developing and delivering gyrostabilized superzoom EO/IR to wildfire, police and oil companies.

2015 - 2016 Vice President of Imaging at Mavrx. Multispectral precision-ag mapping startup imaging 4 million acres annually. Sold to Taranis.

2016-2020 Chief Technology Officer and Air Attack Pilot for Courtney Aviation. Developed Fire-View capabilities including thermal infrared mapping and live streaming to wildfires personnel.


2005-2007 Established TriGeo office in San Francisco

2000-2005 TriGeo Corp owner and Senior Consultant in Grenoble France developing new technologies for Hewett Packard and Intel Corporation.

Mark Zaller, CEO, started a Santa Barbara aerial photography company with his first plane in

1978. In 1980 he was a Bush Pilot in Alaska for inertial and satellite surveying. Pivoting from

flying to hi-tech he went to work for a small startup, 3Com, developing Ethernet. After becoming 3Com's Global Business Development Manager to Hewlett Packard, HP purchased

3Com and he worked out of Grenoble France

until 2005. Returning to the US, he flew

wildfires and developed Augmented Reality

imaging systems for aerial firefighters, and flew them as a public safety pilot. Over the next 10 years he owned several planes and used them working for several startups developing and delivering advanced thermal infrared systems.

He is still advancing thermal imaging for wildland fires and flying them as Air Attack pilot. Since 2009 he has maintained a non-profit to help Aerial Firefighters with infrared and mapping: http://www.aerialfiretech.org/