Augmented Reality for Fire Fighters installs off-the-shelf technologies in the cockpit and the hands of ground personnel to provide firefighters extremely valuable information not previously available. Systems bring GIS to inexperienced users and even single pilot operations as easy moving-maps.

Infrared in the planes is extremely low cost, heads-up & easy to install, and is more effective than much more expensive systems using gimbals. Mobile offline GIS brings a new level of situational awareness to any Firefighter in 3D or flat moving-map overlaid with daily fire lines and points (hot spots, fire predictions, safety zones, dip sites, hazards, drop points, branch/divisions etc.). Several wildfires have been stopped sooner thanks to this technology, and aircraft can now routinely work in smoke and darkness that would have previously left them grounded. Interactive video and map transmission with ground teams is optional because it does take some interaction.

Whitepaper: Fire Attack Infrared+Geographic Information Systems (FAIRGIS)

2010 Wildfire Magazine Article: High Flying Intel

Technical website:

Aircraft operator using it: Courtney Aviation