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Image Processing

Image Processing Service

Picture -Image Processing
- Photo Indexing
- Image Editing
- Image Cropping
- Image Scanning
- Scanning
- Image Stitching
- Digital Photo   Enhancement
- Filtering
- Prioritization
- Change detection
- 2D and 3D visualization
- Automated feature   extraction
- Automated quality   Assessment

Image Processing Service
Outsourcing Data Entry Bangladesh offers excellent scanning of images to a format of your choice--an excel spreadsheet or a database of your choice. Our exacting standards ensure superb image capturing, image keying, and image storage and retrieval. We have several tools to handle data conversion of your scanned images and images data entry is catching up as main outsourced service.

Wide range of Image/Photo Processing Services:

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Our specialty is quick, high-quality and economical image printing . Our image Processing service -printing department is equipped with modern scanning and imaging equipment to meet your needs. Join with us and expand your channel expertise and improve productivity in Image Processing Services .
Services Offered

Photo Restoration

Photo Restoration and Retouching Services 
Unique IT World Image Processing Outsourcing Services in Bangladesh has experience team for photo retouching and restoration which gives you a new look and help you to bring your old memories back from your old Photographs.

Scaling and Cropping 

Unique IT World Image Processing Company in Bangladesh is able to scale down and crop the large images as per your requirement without loosing the beauty of the image along with its detail information.

Scanning and Photography 

Unique IT World Image Processing Studio in Bangladesh is able to do scan the photographs of your products from your catalog, brochure or magazine or any print format. All scanned photographs and images can be edited and additionally processed to remove minor image imperfection like small scratched or small unwanted objects in background..

Image Processing-Editing Services in Bangladesh has highly skilled scanning technicians ensure accurate, high resolution scanning. With the advanced model high-speed scanners to convert documents and images into multiple formats like TIFF, GIF, RTF, PDF, and JPEG. All scanned documents and images are achieved and store into a compact disc. we can create index database or do data entry in the existing index database of the customer. You will have your data with you in any comfortable manner like email, CD, through FTP.

Blending and Textured 
Unique IT World Image Processing Outsourcing Services in Bangladesh is able to merge two or more images and proceed it very well that images can be blended with background color or web page or any other supported texture.

Color Adjustments 
Unique IT World Image Processing Outsourcing Services in Bangladesh deals with the most common lacking point of digital photographers such as contrast, brightness and quality of color.