TriGeo International Consulting
Focused on Wildland Fire in Europe, North America and Asia

Presentations, Product Demos & Training. In-person or online

Marketing, Movies/Photos & Social Media 

Systems Design and Operation

   - Infrared multi-spectral

   - GIS mapping

   - MANET Radio Networks

Product Development

Whitepapers and Technical Videos

     Auto-tracking (hands-off) VLAT tanker retardant drop

TriGeo designs aerial imaging system integrations for wildfires, environmental and agriculture imaging.

TriGeo Corp provides masters level training, custom courses, executive education and keynote speeches.
   Consulting Services
Trigeo helps clients with marketing, media, content,  videos, podcast and other formats that drive success


Firefighter Augmented Reality  TriGeo provides live thermal video streamed from aircraft directly to firefighters.  FirstNet and Microwave mesh networks to connect remote locations supporting fire management activities.