TriGeo Aerial Imaging Services

Acquisition Aerial photos for Photogrammetry, Mapping, Volumetrics, Vegetation

Data Analysis Geo-Referenced Orthomosaic, DEM, DSM, NDVI and Point Cloud Generation

Big Data Services Actionable information from huge volumes of managed data 

Manned UAV Power/Pipeline, Rails/Roads, mining, Wildfire Thermal, Disaster Response

Many times less cost* than UnMannedHigher Rez, Faster, Hi-volume, Safer, No restricted airspace

·       150,000-500,000 acres per flightat 45cm ground GSD (1.5 ft) 

      no clouds, multiple times, 80% forward overlap, HD/UHD/4K/

·       ¼ inch, sub-centimeter GSD, or any ground resolution up to meters 

·       Thermal IR day or night: Solar panels, Vegetation, Drought/Moisture/Flood

·       Wildfire SuperZoom EO/IR operated live in Fire Camp. Live perimeter maps

·       Streaming video to iPhone, iPad, Android, PC. Augmented Reality moving map

·       Disaster Response: Oil & Pollution Spills, Earthquakes
·     Live video into GIS, Onboard processing before landing, Time Lapse videos
·       Infrastructure: Power/pipelines, Roads, Navigable Channels
Actionable - Easy - Fast or Real Time - Geo Rectified (overlayed on Google Earth)

     Live or Ground Operated
Auto-tracking (hands-off) VLAT tanker retardant drop

TriGeo provides aerial imaging for Widlfire teams and Drone operators to Oil companies and Government Agencies.
      Satellite Supplements 
    Faster, Timely, No clouds
    Extreme Detail  ¼ to 1 foot
Cracks in Paint, or anything

Manned-UAV captures ultra high resolution for engineering, roads, railroads, sidewalks, power/pipelines.

400 miles of roads (all lanes) can be captured in one flight mission at sub-centimeter resolution. Not glamorous, but down to $.0001/linear foot or $1/mile
 Actionable Easy to Understand
 Ground operate as if in aircraft

Firefighter Augmented Reality is Communication+Infrared+GIS 
(Geographic Information System) 3D on IOS, Windows & Android SmartPhones & Pads. Already saving millions of dollars by stopping wildfires early, it is currently deployed in about 20 CalFire and Federal fire planes.

Orthmosaic aerial maps online